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Welcome to Honest Gold Buyer

Now Open  Asheville, NC October 2016

When you have gold, silver, jewelry, or coins to sell, you can visit our office with the confidence of

receiving a fair offer and having a private, discrete, and professional transaction.


Sell your gold, jewelry, and coins
discretely and with confidence.
Visit our office for an offer

or call us at


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We Buy Gold Jewelry

Sell gold jewelry to our professionals for the utmost in quality, service and overall experience.

You can sell gold jewelry and be confident of getting the best price today

There are many different reasons that people consider selling their gold and silver jewelry. Whether it's to rise to a new opportunity or avoid a crisis, there are a variety of unique motivators that move people to want to sell gold jewelry. Whatever your reason for being interested in selling gold or silver, it's important that you don't make a rushed decision that could leave you in a poor position.

We Buy Gold Coins

We buy gold coins from our customers for a fair price,

and in a secure, professional and comfortable environment.

We buy gold coins every day, in any quantity.

People become interested in selling their gold or silver items for a variety of different reasons. Whether it's to embrace new investment opportunities, to liquidate an inheritance, to acquire different jewelry or luxury items, or even to alleviate financial stress, we understand your needs. Regardless of what your motivation is, it's important not to rush into anything that may not be in your best interest.

Estate Buying

We are also in the business of estate buying,

we help owners sell gold, silver, coins, tableware and all kinds of jewelry.

We Buy Silver Coins, Jewelry and Tableware

"Where can I sell my silver?" may seem like a difficult question to answer,

but that doesn't need to be the case.


If you’ve wondered

“Can I sell my silver and get a fair price?”

wonder no more. 

We work hard to be the perfect gold and silver merchant for all of our clients' needs, and we take a lot of pride in helping them to meet their goals. There are a lot of reasons that people sell their gold and silver items. From simple downsizing, to committing to exciting new investments, there are plenty of good reasons that people sell their jewelry.

Sell My Gold

"What's the best way to sell my gold?"

This is a question that a lot of people wonder.

It can seem difficult to find the best gold merchant,

especially when there are so many locations to choose from.


Don’t keep wondering, “Where should I sell my gold?”.
Get the best price here!

"Should I have my jewelry appraised?"

may be a question on your mind. 

Appraisals are often required by insurance companies before they issue a policy.

Tax purposes and curiosity in a family heirloom also rank high on the list. 

Jewelry appraisal is a pivotal part of getting the fair prices on your gold

and silver items that you deserve.


We are here and happy to help you.

Whatever your reason may be for an interest in jewelry appraisal,

it's important not to make rushed decisions about where to go. 

Read our reviews and see why our customers keep coming back

when they need a jewelry appraisal. 

Jewelry Appraisals

Gold Party

A gold party is an exciting reason to organize a neighborhood social and spend time with your friends in new ways, as well as to put yourself in the position to make some extra money.

When you host a gold party, everyone wins!

Choosing a gold party as the centerpiece for a get-together at your home is a great way to make everyone feel comfortable, even if they don't know all the people present. It's also a fun, new way to spend time with your friends and neighbors, and something different that your acquaintances are certain to appreciate. You can rest easy knowing that you're providing a fun, useful service to the people you know, helping them sell the gold jewelry or other items gaining dust in a drawer or box.

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