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Why Us?

Located near the South Asheville in beautiful, safe, and friendly Arden.


* All appraisals are completely private.

* All appraisals are done with no cost to you, and you have total freedom to accept or decline our offer.

* Top dollar payout. We pay among the highest amounts in the industry.

* You will receive same day payouts for your precious metals - no need to wait for the mail.

* A knowledgeable, friendly and helpful staff will put you at ease throughout your gold selling experience.

* We use a certified commercial jewelry scale for all of our transactions.

* We are very easy to find. Come in today and see that this is the BEST place in Asheville to sell your gold.

* Our gold parties are a great way to make some cash and have fun!



We understand that you may be considering selling your gold for a variety of reasons. Perhaps an opportunity has presented itself that requires some extra funds. You may be liquidating an estate or an inheritance. Or maybe your financial situation has changed recently, and you need an additional infusion of money to help with expenses. Whatever your circumstances are, your reasons are your own. We treat every customer with respect, and every transaction with confidence and professionalism.


You may have seen offers on the internet or on television to mail in your gold and wait for a company to send you what they think it is worth. And of course there are pawn shops all over this area (some of them in neighborhoods you may not want to visit) that will give you some percentage of what your property is worth. Neither of these is really desirable, for a variety of reasons.


We feel that our clients deserve better.
When you visit our office, you will see how we are different. You can bring your gold, jewelry and other valuables here with confidence in your privacy and personal security. Just as importantly, you can rest assured that you will get an offer for your property that is in line with its actual worth and value in today’s market. We don’t participate in any of the “cash for gold” schemes; in fact, we don’t keep cash in our office (when we buy your gold coins or jewelry or other items, all payments are made by company check). We use a certified commercial scale for all weight measurements in order to ensure the highest possible accuracy.


If you have jewelry that you are considering selling, feel free to bring it in. We will give you a free professional appraisal whether you have a single piece or dozens of items. This way you will know the value of your property. We will also make an offer to purchase your jewelry, and you of course are under no obligation to sell. Our goal is for you to be comfortable with the transaction. Whether we buy your gold or not, you are always welcome to come in or contact us by telephone.


Have you thought about having a gold party?
You may have heard about the opportunity to host a gold party. This is becoming more and more popular among our clients. Once you have contracted with us to arrange the gold party, you invite all of your friends over on the designated time and date (we will cover the cost of refreshments, up to $50). All of the guests will bring the gold and silver items, jewelry, and coins that they would like to sell. Our representative will be there to make an offer on every item, and payment is made by check on the spot.

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