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Sell Gold In Asheville

Remember, you don't have to jump

at the first offer for your gold.

Shop around for a few different bids.

To ensure you are really getting

the best price for your jewelry,

have it appraised before selling.

Sell gold in Asheville to our friendly, fair and diligent professionals if you're looking for the most reliable and accurate gold seller in your area. The entire jewelry selling process takes a short amount of time and is based on three things: the condition, intrinsic value, and current market prices. We are up front throughout the process and show you how we came to our determination.

Pawn shops are in the business of paying the least amount of money possible, so it's best to avoid going to a pawn shop if at all possible. Not only are they less likely to recognize top quality pieces, they are often manipulative by nature. You'll see that unlike some other gold and silver merchants, our primary goal isn't buying gold at the lowest price possible, but keeping our customers completely satisfied. We're a different type of business, and we're certain that you'll be able to tell. 


Don’t sell gold in Asheville until you’ve spoken with us.

We pay top price and will make an immediate offer when you come in to our office.

Our customers are at the very center of our business. We work hard to deliver the utmost in service, and treat every customer exactly the same no wonder what type of gold or silver they're interested in selling. Whether your gold or silver item is large or small, our friendly, experienced professionals will make an offer on every item you want to sell. You'll see that creating an excellent customer experience is our goal, and that we do everything in our power to do just that.

Whether or not you end up selling your items with us, you'll have the reassurance of knowing their value. That's part of our commitment to empowering customers to make the best decisions with their gold and silver. If you're wondering how best to sell gold in Asheville, the answer is certainly to get in touch with us. 

Call 407-399-3049 or stop by sometime soon.

We’d love the opportunity to show you the way we do business.

* We always use a certified commercial scale

* Our customers come first in everything we do

* Work with a company that makes it easy to sell gold in Asheville

* No weight or size minimums on your gold and silver items

Being the best gold and silver merchant for your needs is about more than having the most accurate scales and well trained professionals. It's about creating an environment in which you feel comfortable, relaxed and in no way pressured to make an on the spot decision. Give us a call with your questions today!


We’ll help you sell gold in Asheville, North Carolina as well as Hendersonville, Weaverville, Candler, Fletcher, Brevard, Black Mountain, 

Lake Junaluska, Naples, Waynesville, Hickory, Lake Lure.

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