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Sell My Gold

When you are looking to sell your gold, who you choose matters. Only an expert can test and grade the quality of your valuables to determine an honest and fair price. 


Honest Gold Buyer is one of the most reputable companies in the business. We ensure expert customer service and are available to answer your questions, keeping your happiness in mind. Our appraisers are highly trained in the jewelry industry with many years of experience in accessing fine jewelry and precious metals. We will never undervalue your possessions.

It doesn't matter why you may be thinking about selling your gold, what's important is that you find someone that treats you right and offers you the fair and accurate pricing that you deserve. Unfortunately, a lot of gold merchants try to deal underhandedly with their clients. They may try to exert some pressure, act disinterested or rushed, or even provide inaccurate and misleading appraisals for your gold items. It's important that you never feel rushed or forced into a decision when selling gold items.

"This is the BEST PLACE EVER to take your unwanted and unused pieces of jewelry and antique silver." 


Our customers love us and keep coming back. Excellent customer service is one of our highest priorities. We treat ever customer exactly the same regardless of how many items they're interested in selling. Our diligent, friendly professionals will make an offer on every single piece that you bring into our office, and they'll pay you immediately if you're interested.

If you’ve ever thought, "Maybe I should sell my gold,” you need to talk to us!

Contact us at 407-399-3049 to get all the details.


You'll see that your experience is what we care about most, and that we do everything we can to ensure you're happy with our service. Whether or not you end up selling your items to us, you're sure to feel empowered knowing what their value is. You'll see right away that we're a different kind of company. When you're ready to ask the question "Where's the best place to sell my gold?", we're ready to provide the answer. Give us a call today to learn more about what we can do for you!

When you talk to us about selling your gold, you'll see right away that we're the best answer to the question "Where should I sell my gold?" We treat every customer with the respect, patience, friendliness and accuracy that they deserve, and work to create an excellent customer experience that they'll appreciate. Every one of our talented professionals is committed to performing a fair, studied appraisal for your items, and they'll never pressure you to make a sale. You're sure to appreciate our comfortable, secure and relaxing office, too, and you'll see that your overall experience is something that we really care about. If you've ever wondered "Where can I sell my gold?" We are the answer.

Our professionals take accuracy seriously. They use certified commercial scales and current market prices to offer the most accurate and reliable appraisals.


There's no reason to work with a merchant that isn't concerned with your needs or your comfort, you'll just end up disappointed. If you find yourself thinking "I want to sell my gold," we're the choice for you. 

* Each appraisal is made on a certified commercial scale

* Friendly, detail oriented and diligent professionals

* Answer the question: "Where should I sell my gold?"

* Customer service that you're sure to appreciate


We do everything in our power to be the very best gold merchant for all of your needs. It takes more than accurate equipment and diligent professionals, though - it takes a commitment to making sure you're comfortable and happy every step of the way. Give us a call today to learn more about our services. You certainly won't regret that you did!



We make offers to buy gold from clients in Asheville, North Carolina

as well as Arden, Hendersonville, Weaverville, Candler, Fletcher, Brevard, Black Mountain, 

Lake Junaluska, Waynesville, Hickory, and Lake Lure.

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